WOW Character Widget

The theme comes with built in Character Widget.

The widget pulls character data from wow servers and displays in sidebar. You can place multiple widgets at the same time for different characters. It doesn’t have to be your characters but you need your own APP Key. See below.

The Character Widget has been updated to support Demon Hunters of Legion, Pandaren race and works with WOD.

This guide has changed from previous ones and is for new battle net  API SERVICE “Mashery” AND SERVERS. Blizzard has moved to a new Public API system.

Old, anonymous API calls no longer work from Feb 16 2016. This affects everything that retrieves WOW data.

This new API requires that every website that attempts to retrieve and display wow data registers with Mashery and gets own APP key. (This is very similar to Twitter key that is needed for displaying its feed on personal website.)

The widgets require app key for your website. (it’s FREE and easy to get App Key)

So to get the App Key register Here:

Create an “app”, name it whatever you want, put your website in the provided field and click create.

It’ll give you Secret Key and App Key. (They aren’t the same thing.) DO NOT share Secret Key with anyone.

You’ll need App key to enter in Character widget.

Widget Setup

In your admin panel you need to navigate to Appearance > Widgets

there you will see a widget called “Character Info Widget”.  Click the widget and add to Sidebar.

Region names (in lower case) Language locale
Americas: us
Europe: eu
Korea: kr
China: cn
Taiwan: tw

wow character widget



Note: Don’t use apostrophes in realm names. 

example: use quelthalas not quel’thalas