Key Features

  • Powerful Platform

    World Of Warcraft WordPress themes are built on popular cms WordPress. 43.2% of all websites globally are built with it. This gives us versatile and well supported platform.

  • Blog and forum

    Integrated unified user account grants user access to both, blog and forum functionalities requiring only single account registration.

  • Ecommerce

    Incredibly popular and robust ecommerce platform – WooCommerce shop integration allows you to sell both digital and tangible goods.


  • Aim

    The three WordPress themes have been specifically designed for WoW gamer community, guilds and bloggers that want to share their gaming experience.

  • Performance

    Beautiful, functional and pragmatic design of the themes prioritize usability, speed and legibility. Recommended PHP 7.4 or greater and MySQL version 5.7 or MariaDB version 10.4 or greater.

  • Results

    “Royal,” “Classic,” and “Vanilla” WordPress themes have exceeded expectations by offering a combination of style, functionality, and performance.


  • Compatibility

    The Warcraft WordPress themes seamlessly integrate with the latest WordPress version (6.4.x) bbPress Forum (2.5+) WooCommerce (3.2+).

  • Included

    In addition to themes, you’ll also have access to montaged backgrounds and/or character personas and/or headers images.

  • Custom Design

    You can customize your site with various front page integrated custom templates, header, background and logo functions.Video guides are also provided.