To install World of Warcraft WordPress theme, first go to product page, purchase and download your copy.
Install this Version-2 theme as new WordPress theme.

With your purchase you will receive a shop membership and several downloadable zip files.

Upload your main theme zip and install it. You don’t have to upload all images at once. Unzip locally and see which ones you want to upload. »

In your WordPress admin panel go to:
Appearance > Themes
Choose: Add Theme > UPLOAD.
Select the zipped "" theme and hit upload.

After you upload you need to activate it*

*This theme comes with a Child Theme. If you are planning to customize theme, using a Child theme is  recommended; in that case, you need to upload/install both main theme and child theme and activate Child theme (in which you’ll do the custom styling etc.) .

Theme will check if you have “featured” category first and if you don’t it will create it , since it’s needed for slider to work.

Your theme is ready to be configured. Appearance > Menus and create main menu and add your pages and categories.

See rest of the posts on how to activate custom built-in front page and bbPress forum

Note: The theme looks similar to previous version 1 but its a different framework/code; which means do not overwrite the previous version with FTP but install it as a new theme.
Version-1 is outdated, discontinued and will no longer be updated. Strongly recommending to upgrade to version 2.