Installation “Classic”

After you purchase the theme you will receive a shop membership and several downloadable zip files.

Upload your main theme zip and install it. You don’t have to upload all images at once. Unzip locally and see which ones you want to upload.

In your WordPress admin panel go to:
Appearance > Themes
Choose: Add Theme > UPLOAD.
Select the downloaded zipped theme and hit upload.

After you upload you need to activate it*

*This theme comes with a Child Theme. If you are planning to customize theme, using a Child theme is  recommended; in that case, you need to upload/install both main theme and child theme and activate Child theme (in which you’ll do the custom styling etc.)

Theme will create “featured” category during installation, since it’s needed for slider to work. (You can rename the featured category name but do not rename or delete the featured category slug!)

Your theme is ready to be configured. Appearance > Menus and create main menu and add your pages and categories.

Configure Footer Widgets

Footer widget area – World of Warcraft WordPress theme v2

World of Warcraft WordPress themes V2 and V3 both come with cusotm footer widget areas.

Footer widget area fits 3 widgets horizontally and configuration is similar to basic default sidebar widget that comes with WordPress.

  1. Access your admin backend of your WordPress installation
  2. Click “Customize” and then “Widgets”
  3. There you’ll see, Left , Middle and Right footer widget areas.
  4. clicking each will allow you to add widgets to them one by one.

Create Featured Posts & Categories

Summary and details

Features Posts is a custom function for this World of Warcraft WordPress theme (applies to both V2 and V3)

Featured Posts appear on custom front page templates such as Excerpts and Full Posts.

To create Featured Posts, simply assign “featured” category to any post in your WordPress blog and set featured image for it.

The code will display the post in the slider automatically, nothing else needs to be done.

One detail to be aware of that Featured Posts in slider only appear there and they do not appear on front page excerpt row. This prevents duplicate content on your page.

Child Theme (V2)

The Warcraft WordPress theme comes with its “Child Theme”

So what is “Child Theme”?

Child Theme is a mini theme that can override the main base theme design. It has styles CSS and Functions files that can be edited. The changes will override the main theme design without actually editing the main theme.

It was implemented by WordPress so to avoid theme updates erasing the customizations that users had made to it.

How to install a Child Theme?

Download both – main and child themes and then upload and install them to your WordPress installation.


Note here that you need to install both but activate ONLY Child Theme, not the main theme.

main and child-theme

Editing the CSS via Child Theme

child theme-contents

Simply open the style.css that resides in the child theme directory and edit away. You can’t harm or break the main theme. If something doesn’t work out, simply delete your added code in child-theme styles.css