Child Theme (V2)

The Warcraft WordPress theme comes with its “Child Theme”

So what is “Child Theme”?

Child Theme is a mini theme that can override the main base theme design. It has styles CSS and Functions files that can be edited. The changes will override the main theme design without actually editing the main theme.

It was implemented by WordPress so to avoid theme updates erasing the customizations that users had made to it.

How to install a Child Theme?

Download both – main and child themes and then upload and install them to your WordPress installation.


Note here that you need to install both but activate ONLY Child Theme, not the main theme.

main and child-theme

Editing the CSS via Child Theme

child theme-contents

Simply open the style.css that resides in the child theme directory and edit away. You can’t harm or break the main theme. If something doesn’t work out, simply delete your added code in child-theme styles.css

Mobile Menu

As of today April 9 2016 the Warcraft wordPress theme is configured for mobile responsive browsing.

The theme is now mobile and responsive*. Theme has been integrated with Slicknav Menu plugin and let me highlight this – the menu integration is multi-level JQuery touch responsive menu.
You can resize browser window on demo site, to see how it works.

(*Only in theme Version-2, both mobile view Featured image slider and sidebar disappear, bottom 3 widgets stack vertically and are visible)

So If you have purchased the theme before this date and you want to have responsive site you need to download and reinstall the theme and Slicknav menu plugin.

Theme update is really easy, simply delete the one on your site from WP admin interface and upload and install the updated theme zip file and activate it.

(Keep in mind that if you have made some customizations to the theme files they will be lost, unless you back them up. But If you have made customizations you probably know this) Always recommended to use child-theme for your own tweaks.

 For mobile menu to work install SlickNav plugin  (look in your downloads) and configure as shown below.

Go to your WordPress Admin panel.

Go Settings > Slicknav Menu

See image below on how to configure the plugin

Only the CSS Menu ID  #primary-menu entry is mandatory, rest of the colour configurations are recommendations to fit the theme.

Slicknav Menu

YouTube or other video in Sidebar

WordPress has a new way to insert video in its sidebar through Video Widget.

This is newest and easiest way.

Older embed method

To insert YouTube video in sidebar with older embed method, go to YouTube video , select “Embed” underneath it , copy the code and paste it in the Text/Html widget.

youtube embed iframe
wordpress textwidget

WooCommerce Integration

Woocommerce in Warcraft WordPress Theme

First you need to install WooCommerce plug-in, see the instructions below.

Now you can sell whatever you want through World of Warcraft WordPress theme with Woo Commerce.

woocommerce warcraftwordpress

How to Install WooCommerce Plugin.

To create online store within your WordPress you need to install WooCommerce Plug-in.

Within your WordPress admin area go to

Plugins > Add New > Search WooCommerce > Install Now

woocommerce warcraftwordpress

Wowhead Tooltips Shortcode – 1 click

The composer window has the Wowhead button that inserts shortcode.

wowhead shortcode

I have created Wowhead Shortcode that enables you to insert any World of Warcraft item with just one click.

No need to meddle with “urls, rels, hrefs” in html code every time you want to link an item.

All you have to do is type in the item number you want to display in your post. That’s it!

wow item blackhand

Where to get the wow item number?

Simply here:

you can search item you’re looking for and get the item number from mouse over


Do Wowhead Tooltips work in bbPress Forums?

If you want the shortcode to work with bbPress Forums (since bbpress is a plugin and not part of core WP) you’ll need to activate the shortcode function for it.
Easiest way is to use THIS PLUG-IN .
After you install and activate the plugin, the wowhead tooltips will work in bbpress forums as well.

BBPress Forum Integration

This Warcraft WordPress theme also comes with BBPRESS integrated design coding and graphics. You need to take couple of steps to activate it .Install BBpress forum plugin and create a “forums” page for it, as described in the video. The theme will automatically override the design and integrate the forum into your WordPress installation.

Front Page – Featured Slider

Guide for version 2 of Warcraft WordPress Theme

Warcraft WordPress Theme has built in very lightweight slider that works in front-page template.

Slider displays only Featured (category) Posts with Featured Images attached to them

The way this slider works is that you don’t need to configure images into it separately. The integration is combined with your regular blogging activity. You just need to assign the featured category and featured image to a standard post and slider will do the rest.

The slider will display custom size, pre-cut thumbnails of Featured posts along with post titles.

By default slider will hold latest 12 featured posts. (number can be changed in template file.)

  1. Create a standard Post
  2. assign “featured” category
  3. add featured image
  4. hit publish.

Note: to avoid duplicating content with slider and front-page excerpts, front -page posts excludes “featured” category posts. (because they are already displayed by the slider)