WOW Widgets

WoW widgets that was included in the theme are currently disabled and are no longer offered with the theme. This change was due to Blizzard abandoning Mashery services through which they used to deliver WoW API data that was fed to widgets. Widgets were designed and programmed for Mashery services and consequently will sadly stop working in January 2019.

 Blizzard has decided to use O-AUTH authentication as API.
I’m going to investigate if the alternative Blizzard offers is compatible with WordPress for the purpose of widgets pulling data with O-Auth.  User registration with Blizzard dev account, O-auth keys management and the rest of the fiddling around will be required if this is even going to work for WordPress widgets.

This is severe complication compared to Mashery system.

Good news is though I’m almost done with the new WordPress theme and will be offered for exclusive introductory discount.

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