Front Page – Featured Slider

Guide for version 2 of Warcraft WordPress Theme

Warcraft WordPress Theme has built in very lightweight slider that works in front-page template.

Slider displays only Featured (category) Posts with Featured Images attached to them

The way this slider works is that you don’t need to configure images into it separately. The integration is combined with your regular blogging activity. You just need to assign the featured category and featured image to a standard post and slider will do the rest.

The slider will display custom size, pre-cut thumbnails of Featured posts along with post titles.

By default slider will hold latest 12 featured posts. (number can be changed in template file.)

  1. Create a standard Post
  2. assign “featured” category
  3. add featured image
  4. hit publish.

Note: to avoid duplicating content with slider and front-page excerpts, front -page posts excludes “featured” category posts. (because they are already displayed by the slider)