Front Page Template Setup

The theme comes with custom front page templates designed just for this theme (v3)

In order to show them follow these simple steps:

  • Go to your WordPress admin panel and create a normal page “Home”
  • In Page Attributes select on of them templates. (rec. front Page Templates), after hit “Publish”
  • Go to Settings > Reading Settings
  • Check radio button called “static” and choose “Home” from drop-down menu, hit “save changes” button.
Set as front page template

Template types

Theme comes with 3 front page templates.

Front Page Excerpts
This template will show Featured Slider with Featured category posts and rest of the posts below it in short format (excerpt, portion of the entire post). Optionally will show featured Image of the post , if you assign one.

Front Page Full Posts
This is similar to the previous template except instead of displaying part of the post (excerpt) it will display full posts in sequence.

Front All Excerpts No Slider
As the name implies, this template will not show Featured Slider but will show all post excerpts in one sequence including featured posts.

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