Front Page Template + Blog

In order to set up and activate built-in custom front page template you need to
create the page in your admin panel “Pages > Add New” and 

  1. name it:  Home
  2. select template “Front Page Excerpts”, “All Excerpts No slider” or “Front Page Posts”
  3. hit “Publish”
  4. Go to Appearances > Reading and set static page and choose “home” from drop-down menu.

Front Page Excerpts” – This option will show Featured category Post Slider and posts as excerpts on front page

Front Page Posts” – This option will also display Featured Post Slider but instead of excerpts will display full posts.

All Excerpts No slider” – This option removes the Featured Post Slider and shows ALL excerpts (including Featured category, since we’re removing featured category slider.)

Full Width Page” – As the name implies, removes the sidebar and shows page content in full width of the site; also is intended for inside pages (not front page)

Front Page Templates

Make sure go to Appearances > Reading and set statick page and choose "home" from drop-down menu.

NEW – all Excerpts no slider – template

If you want to have chronological Blog in your menu that includes all posts create “Blog” page.
Go to same reading settings and select Posts Page: Blog.
Then you need to add that “blog” page to the menu and you’re done.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”info-2″ wrap=”i”] Wordpress calls it “static” because the pages are considered static but there are dynamic content inside.

So don’t be confused with this, just follow this guide and you’ll be fine.


Front Page static content + Blog content + Custom Fields

Custom fields are supported on Blog Posts and Pages

Custom Fields content will appear after entry content before the closing article tag.

Custom Field content on Home page will appear between slider and Latest Articles.

If you include content into home page it will be displayed above the blog dynamic content.

If you leave the home page content area empty it won’t display anything, just dynamic blog.

It can display headings, text, images, videos, links.